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I cannot begin to thank you enough!!! You guys build great
equipment.  I am a very loyal customer. I hope you have a great day
and be safe in the snow!  (8006LP with oil cooler)

Tom, Unit arrived today, I have installed the fuel cell, added oil to
the motor, 20 gallons of AW46.  New battery and she ran like a
top!!!!!!  I'm THRILLED!!!!!!! As before, Thank you Tom.  I'm a very
happy customer.  Robert  (8003LP)

"Unit works great, perfect speed, now I just need a replacement
key for the engine as we have lost it!  Carl  (8005LP, Bale Wrapper)

We received the unit and it works great and looks good too!  Need
a valve from you guys for another project.  Frank. (8001LP, Seed
Tender & Head Gate)

We purchased a gas hydraulic power unit from you over a year ago
and wanted to let you know it is working great!  I am looking for
another gas power unit to run a mower.  Mike  (8003CLP Log
Loader Trailer)

The unit arrived and looks great.  We’re going to fire it up today.
I purchase things like this for our shops all the time, and you’re
one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I’ve dealt with.  
I really appreciate you customizing the unit for us and getting it
here so quickly.
Thank you, (8003LP with 2 spool valve)

I received my 8003CLP gas power unit very quickly and it was
nicely packed to prevent shipping damage.  I appreciate Twin
Hydraulics taking the time to tag/label all the connections.  This
made hookup very easy for me.  I purchase this gas unit for my 16’
dump trailer.  My dump trailer previously had a 12 volt hydraulic
unit and I had difficulty keeping sufficient battery power to it on
short repetitive dump cycles.
The gas power unit had a nice skid made from 2” square tubing
with holes in each end of the tubing.  I constructed a protective
cage from 1-1/2” square tubing and bolted it to original skid so it is
removable if it ever needs to be for maintenance etc.  This
protective cage gave me a firm mounting for my valve and let me
lift the unit with a loader and gave me an ability to move it around
in the bed of my pickup.  The unit starts easily and dumps my trailer
much quicker and easier than the old 12 volt pump.  I only run the
engine at about ½ throttle.  I dumped 60 or so 7 to 9 ton loads over
a two day period with no issues.
I now have mounted the unit on the trailer but left it where I can
easily remove it (4 bolts) if I need it for other uses.  I am including
some photos both as a portable unit in the back of my pickup and
mounted to my trailer.
Thanks again for the great service and a great product!

You guys held up your end of the deal, so we had to hold up ours!!  
I’m happy to hear you guys are enjoying the cookies we sent.
Thanks again for all the help and we’ll call you if/when we need
anything in the future.
Thanks! Matt" (8003LP Gas Hydraulic Power Unit)

Thanks for the awesome service. Can't wait to see the unit!
Eric" (8003LP Gas Hydraulic Power Unit)

"Works a lot better than the competitor they said  it would work
and  ended up buying it back when it did not,  your power unit
works so much better than theirs!(8004LP Gas Hydraulic Power Unit)

"anyways they did get everything hooked up and running and that
power unit is working great will pay for its self in no time, were you
able to come up with some prices on that other one that we looked
at when you were hear ? Thank you (1.5 HP AC Electric Power Unit)

"I don't know if you remember or not but I bought a gas hydraulic
power unit from you awhile back for a project I was working on. I
just wanted to say it worked better than I could of ever imagined.
Thanks for all your help. Here is a picture of it."  Sent from my
iPhone Thanks again, Ryan
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